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The north western side of the Computer Building further reveals its 1980s makeover. The main entrance was originally on this side, presumably where the now anonymous double doors are.

This view also allows a better appreciation of the building’s original dimensions. The extension can just be seen towards the right of the shot.

"The Pyestock site has large areas of shingle rather than being grassed, as can be seen in the photo of the Computer Building. This, apparently, was the result of a visit to the site by the Queen. The site underwent an extensive "tidying up." I don't know the date as it was before I started there, but it's probably on record somewhere. This "shingling" explanation is, I think, a bit of folklore as grassed areas were the norm elsewhere - it's probably there for ease of maintenance in the heavily industrial areas. I'm sure the visit did happen though." - Mike

The north and eastern sides of the Computer Building.
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