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At this point, we turn a corner in the corridor and find ourselves on the eastern side of the building at the top of the other staircase. Unlike its partner on the other side of the building, this has remained unaltered by any extensions.

The views out of the window are equally impressive from this side of the building as the Exhaust Silencer for Cells 1 & 2 can clearly be seen.

"A story about the stairs: the computer operators, mostly women, had their offices and rest rooms upstairs. The stairs are in an open atrium style entrance and concrete with a plastic covered metal handrail. Being air conditioned, the air was dry. The girls used to run downstairs sliding a hand down the rail, once they hit the floor at the bottom and their hands left the rail they would get a hefty static shock. We always knew as we could hear the "ouch" (or expletive) from the workshop." - Mike

The eastern staircase with view to Cell 1 & 2.
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