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Cautiously we move down the corridor and emerge at the base of the western stairwell having just completed a circuit of the building.

Two railings surround the trapdoor which leads to the subterranean depths of Monkís Tunnel. I also took the liberty to prop up the sign giving the tunnel its name, but I donít know where it was originally located.

Entrance to Monk's Tunnel situated in the northern corridor from the western stairwell.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

"When I visited Pyestock on a school trip around 1963/64 or so the SDS9300 was being installed, all the cabinets were unclad with masses of wiring everywhere with several Americans crawling all over it. I was told several years later when I started in the Computer Building that the previous computer was a valve machine but nobody said what it was, but that they used to have to change about a dozen valves a day to keep it going. Unfortunately that only confirms it "could" have been an Atlas. I suspect the building could be some years older than the 1961 build date." - Mike