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The central rooms on the ground floor of the building are totally dark and empty. For that reason, we quickly moved on, which was unfortunate as this space once held the site’s main computer and therefore should've been documented.

One startling feature of this room is the wallpaper. Such a childish pattern seems totally at odds with the industrial nature of Pyestock, and its juxtaposition here is oddly jarring. Perhaps this room was used as a creche, but it would’ve been an odd choice of location (given the lack of windows and natural light).

According to Mike's plans, the PDP-11 was originally in this room. The PDP-7 was in the adjacent room:

"I still have a maintenance manual for the PDP7 computer, I'm trying to trace the UK installations of these. Pyestock's was serial # 41 and was bought by the "Ministry of Public Buildings"" - Mike

Detail of wallpaper in one of the central ground floor rooms.
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