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Monk's Tunnel

Built: 19??
Decommissioned: 2002

For some reason, there was an expectation of underground tunnels and structures at Pyestock. There was even talk of an entire plane entombed in a tunnel. But I suspect most of these rumours abounded due to ignorance of Pyestock itself and/or confusion with the Farnborough wind tunnels nearby. Because as we explored further, it became apparent that most of Pyestock (excluding the partially submerged Cell 3) was firmly on terra firma.

Monk's Tunnel moving east.
05|05|07 © Simon Cornwell 2007

However there are exceptions. There are two underground tunnels at Pyestock: one linking Cell 3 with Cell 4 whilst the other (the oddly named Monk’s Tunnel) links Cell 3 with the Computer Building. As both of these tunnels are close to each other, it made sense to describe both here.

Monk's Tunnel Walkthrough...

The trap door into Monk's Tunnel from the Computer Building Monk's Tunnel moving east Western view of the elevated section of Weir Road with Cell 3 beyond Looking south at the cable runs under the eastern end of Cell 3 Moving north, past the Cell 4 office building and beneath the east-west walkway Moving east along the dog's leg in the Cell 3/Cell 4 tunnel